Who do we hire?

We hire writers and editors.

We also hire patient, caring tutors. Teaching experience is a plus. Having a teaching certificate is a double plus, i.e. that means we really like that.

The minimum requirement for writers, editors, and tutors is a bachelor's degree. Because we are in the writing business... you must write -- really, really, really well. You should be comfortable with meeting deadlines. Additionally, a professional demeanor when talking on the phone and in person is important.

Our team is diverse. Here is a snapshot of their background:
  • Humanities, journalism, and creative writing majors
  • Many have Master's degrees and Doctorates, including MBAs, J.D.s, and Medical degrees
  • Superior academic records
  • Graduates of highly competitive academic institutions

Still interested? If not, we wish you well. If yes, then great! Are we currently looking for people? View below:

Position Seeking Applicants
Writers Yes
Editors Yes
Tutors Yes

Please submit a cover letter and resume to:

Do we want a writing sample?

After a review of your cover letter and resume, we may contact you about
submitting writing samples.