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Prepare for College: Understanding the Admissions Process
(Online and In-person)

Join us for a FREE presentation and learn what it takes to get into the college of your choice. offers this complimentary presentation on the fundamentals of the college admissions process. Additionally, we share important details on how to pay for college. Both parents and students (from grades 6 through 12) will benefit from the event. Don't wait. Sign up today and get the information you need on your path to higher education.


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  • Why you should understand the college admissions process
  • What colleges look for in applicants
  • Writing winning admissions essays
  • How to pay for college
  • 10 key "do’s" and "don’ts" for the applicant

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Students (grades 11 through 12)

College Admissions Essay Boot Camp (Online Class with One-to-one Coaching or Private Coaching)

Need help writing your college admissions essays? has the answer: our College Admissions Essay Boot Camp. During this intensive 6-week College Admissions Essay Boot Camp, students learn how to write winning college admissions essays. Students will select -- of their own choosing -- 3 admissions essay questions and, in the course of the program, work to craft their individual, unique essays.

What’s the value of the College Admissions Essay Boot Camp? Participants benefit from the instruction of TheSecretToWriting staff. Additionally, parents gain peace of mind from knowing that their child is receiving personalized coaching while in the process of writing his or her college admissions essays.

How is the College Admissions Essay Boot Camp structured?

  • The program is divided into two parts. Part one is a 4-week online-webinar class, scheduled for one hour per week. During the 4-week period, students will learn the secrets to writing college admissions essays, and likewise the student utilizes the’s formula for writing. Part two of the program consists of one-to-one, personal coaching offered for two weeks. A writing coach will work via teleconference or email with your student.

  • During the class sessions of the boot camp’s part one, students receive writing assignments that create the foundation for writing their admissions essays. The writing assignments not only help the student complete the essay requirement, but also our writing exercises help students with foundational writing skills.

  • By the end of the six-week period, the student will have three completed, ready-to-submit college admissions essays. The student will also benefit from a greater sense of self-confidence in his or her writing skills.

What do you learn?

Week 1

  • Understanding the writing assignment
  • Considering your response

Week 2

  • Organizing the essay
  • Navigating the writing process

Week 3

  • Making your essay grammar-proof

Week 4

  • Making your essay grammar-proof (continued)
  • Reviewing the formula for The Secret to Writing
  • The reviews the student’s essays

Week 5

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Students work to fine-tune the essays
  • The reviews the student’s essays

Week 6

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Students work to fine-tune the essays
  • The provides a final review of the student’s essays

Who should take this class?

  • High school juniors and seniors
  • Community college students who plan to transfer to a 4-year college
  • Students who want a competitive edge in the college admissions process

What are the class requirements?

  • Prior to the start of the College Admissions Essay Boot Camp, participants need to choose the three essay questions that they want to work on during the boot camp. If you are unsure about the schools to which you plan to apply or the questions you want to use, we recommend that you review the Common Application ( and consider using the writing prompts.

  • To access the online webinar, students need to have a computer with the following operating system: Windows XP (or newer) or Mac with OS X 10.6 (or newer). You can also connect to the webinar from your Ipad, Android, or Iphone.

Ethics Statement

We do not write college essays for the student. Students do the work. Know that admissions officers are skilled readers of admissions essays and can easily detect an essay that has been written by a parent or professional writer. Our intent is to help students think about and communicate their story in writing. We cannot guarantee that a student will be admitted to a particular school. However, we will say that our services are proven and provide added value to the development of a student's writing skills.

Online Class with One-to-One Coaching In-person Group Class
(10 -12 students, 4 of the 6 sessions are in the classroom)
Private Coaching
(one-to-one coaching, possible mix of in-person, phone or email meetings)
$799 N/A $899
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If you need help with a single admissions or scholarship essay or if you are interested in basic editing services,
please see our Applicants page. We also provide college counseling services for 9th-12th grade students. View the Contact us page and tell us about your student. We will follow-up with you within 48 hours.

Students (grades 6 through 12 and college students)

Writing 101 (Online Live Webinar)

“The teaching style and professionalism of the course is top-notch.”
Parent, Greater Atlanta Christian School

Want to Make the Grade? Here’s a Writing Class That Will Show You How!

Writing 101: A review of writing fundamentals for students who want to raise their SAT/ACT score and make A’s in middle school, high school, or college

Good writing informs, persuades, and inspires. It can make us laugh out loud, and it can challenge our hearts and minds. Good writing also takes training and practice to develop. That’s where we come in. Our Writing 101 webinar teaches you the essentials of effective writing. You’ll learn everything from formulating a thesis to writing clear sentences. Plus, we’ll explore the 10 secrets to writing. You'll return to school ready to tackle any writing project with ease.

Why Writing 101?

  • In The Nation’s Report Card: Writing 2011, the U.S. Department of Education reports that only 24% of U.S. students in 8th and 12th grades have writing skills at the Proficient level.
  • As of 2005, the SAT Reasoning Test and the ACT, the two standardized tests used in the college admissions process, were restructured to include a writing section.
  • According to a Geiser & Studley study, writing is a core skill required in high school and college classes ranging from language arts to the sciences. A student’s ability to write and, in particular, to compose an extended text, is one of the best predictors of success in course work during the first year of college.
  • Writing is a valued skill in the workplace. Most professionals spend more than 50% of their time communicating in some fashion, such as through emails, written presentations, speeches, or memorandums.
  • Writing communicates your thought processes, professionalism, and credibility. Your ability to communicate effectively and clearly in writing is critical to your success in high school, college, and the workplace.

Benefits of Writing 101:

  • Making better grades in middle or high school and improving your application for college admissions
  • Developing the skills you need to get a higher score on the writing section of the SAT or ACT
  • Building your confidence in writing and preparing to ace your college level courses

How is Writing 101 structured?

  • It’s a 6-week webinar offered one hour per week
  • Participants receive writing assignments each week
  • Participants learn the 10 secrets to writing and the fundamentals of effective writing

Who should take Writing 101?

  • Students in 6th through 12th grades and college students

What topics are covered in Writing 101?

  • Grammar
  • Editing
  • Outlining
  • Punctuation
  • The writing process
  • Structuring an essay
  • Style in the essay

What are the requirements for Writing 101?

  • Participants are required to complete assignments between each class
  • A computer with the following operating system is required to access the webinar: Windows XP (or newer) or Mac with OS X 10.6 (or newer)
  • The webinar can also be accessed with an iPad, Android, or iPhone

What books or materials are needed for Writing 101?

There are no required textbooks. However, we strongly encourage participants to purchase A Pocket Style Manual (sixth edition) by Diana Hacker and Nancy Sommers. A Pocket Style Manual is a great resource for our Writing 101 class and writing in general. Students will find the book to be helpful in high school, college, and in the professional world. Click the book link on our website to easily find A Pocket Style Manual on

Cost: $249

Upcoming Program: TBA

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Writing2020™ (Online or In-person): A writing class designed to help adults communicate clearly and effectively through writing.

“My employees raved about what they learned and I have seen improvement in their writing across the board.”
Director, Office of Community Relations

Want to be More Successful in Business? This Writing Workshop Will Help You Get the Results You Want!

Did you know that it is possible to enhance your career through more effective written communication? If you would like to stand out among your peers and learn how to create meaningful and persuasive documents, this workshop will give you the fundamental skills you need to succeed.

Why Writing2020™?

  • According to a 2004 National Commission on Writing report titled Writing: A Ticket to Work…Or a Ticket Out, two-thirds of salaried employees in large American companies have some writing responsibility.

  • Writing communicates your thought processes, professionalism, and credibility. Your ability to communicate effectively and clearly in writing is critical to your success in high school, college, and the workplace.

  • Employees who receive training on writing perform better on the job and are more loyal to an organization. Costly mistakes and missed opportunities decrease. Employee retention and productivity increase.

  • A highly trained workforce with an ability to communicate orally and in writing improves operational efficiency, creates a competitive advantage, and increases both financial and non-financial returns.

  • In today’s highly connected, technological world, writing continues to be an increasingly important lifelong skill, enabling individuals to communicate and build relationships with people around the world.

What are the objectives of the Writing2020™ class?

  • To teach participants the fundamental skills of written communication
  • To enable participants to write well in multiple formats, such as sales letters, research documents, memos, emails, proposals, and reports
  • To ensure participants gain confidence in written expression

What are the benefits of the Writing2020™ class?

  • Communicating more effectively in writing
  • Being viewed as more professional by writing in a way that yields credibility to you, your thought processes, and the overall image of your company
  • Boosting your career as a result of more effective written communication
  • Standing out among your peers by having strong writing skills
  • Increasing your productivity and efficiency through accurate and concise communication
  • Saving time and money by getting your point across to others—the first time
  • Developing a skill that is transferable to any industry or endeavor

Who should take the Writing2020™ class?

  • Professionals who want to boost their careers through enhanced written communication skills
  • People who want to review the fundamentals of writing

  • Individuals who want help from a professional to strengthen areas of weakness in writing

  • People who desire a writing coach
  • People who recognize and value the importance of written communication skills in their personal and professional lives

What do you learn in the Writing2020™ class?

  • The 10 secrets to writing: proven steps to make writing more enjoyable
  • Core grammar skills that every good writer should know
  • How to communicate your message using accurate and concise sentences
  • How to write persuasive and compelling memos, email messages, and PowerPoint presentations
  • How to use active voice to punch up your writing
  • How to write winning sales letters and cover letters

How is the Writing2020™ class structured?

For Individuals:
  • Live, online webinar classes
  • Six-week class with one 60-minute session per week
  • Writing and grammar assignments throughout the class
For Companies and Government Agencies:
  • Customized class at your location
  • Interactive classroom environment
  • Writing and grammar assignments throughout the class

What is the cost of the Writing2020™ class?

For Individuals who take classes at one of our locations or online

Cost: $349

Early-Bird Online Registration Discount Available

For companies and government agencies
  • Price quote provided for customized class
  • Use the "Client Input Form" to tell us how we can help improve writing skills at your company or contact us at 404.869.1290

*Through our partnership with ACT (the company widely known for its college entrance standardized tests), we provide participants in our customized Writng2020™ classes with the unique opportunity to receive an independent pre- and post-diagnostic assessment of their writing skills to identify areas of strength and improvement.

What books or materials are needed for Writing2020™?

There are no required textbooks. However, we strongly encourage participants to purchase A Pocket Style Manual (sixth edition) by Diana Hacker and Nancy Sommers. A Pocket Style Manual is a great resource for our Writing2020™ class and writing in general. Click the book link on our website to easily find A Pocket Style Manual on

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