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Do you need help writing admissions essays, scholarship essays, or personal statements? Crafting the right message can mean the difference between getting accepted to the school of your choice or not.

We are, and we help applicants write winning admissions and scholarship essays for college, graduate, and professional schools.

More specifically, we offer editing services to help finesse your words and ensure the message remains in your voice. We won’t write the essay for you, but we can help you achieve the results you want. 


Who We Serve

  • The Secret to Writing

    Applicants to College

  • The Secret to Writing

    Applicants to Graduate School

  • The Secret to Writing

    Applicants to Business School, Law School, or Medical School

What We Do

  • The Secret to Writing

    Advise you on how to write your admissions essays or personal statement

  • The Secret to Writing

    Provide one-to-one coaching

  • The Secret to Writing

    Offer the College Admissions Essay Boot Camp for high school students applying to college

How You Benefit

  • The Secret to Writing

    You gain a competitive advantage in the admissions process

  • The Secret to Writing

    You develop your writing skills

  • The Secret to Writing

    You gain more confidence as a writer and a person


High School Students Applying to College

Option 1
One Essay (the equivalent of 650 words)
Includes up to three reviews

Option 2
Three-essay Package (the equivalent of 650 words/essay)
Includes up to three reviews of up to three essays within 3 weeks of receiving your initial document submission

Option 3

College Admissions Essay Boot Camp
The college admissions essay boot camp is offered online, complemented by one-to-one coaching. Specifically, the boot camp includes four weeks of online writing instruction and two weeks of personal coaching that is designed to help the applicant fine-tune his or her essays. The boot camp is ideal for students who desire a more structured approach to completing their essays. The boot camp is also great for applicants who want or need to improve their writing skills. Learn more about the College Admissions Essay Boot Camp here

The Secret to Writing

Applicants to Graduate School or Professional School

Option 1
One Essay (the equivalent of 650 words)
Includes up to three reviews

Option 2
Three-essay Package (the equivalent of 650 words/essay)
Includes up to three reviews of up to three essays within 3 weeks of receiving your initial document submission


Thank you for helping me with my essays! I really appreciate all of your help. Just wanted to let you know that so far I have gotten acceptance letters from Baylor, Auburn, Samford, OU, and Texas A&M. Thank you!

K. Patch, Texas Applicant

I met Stan a few years back when I was applying to business school. Stan helped review my MBA application, and gave me some pointers on how to improve both the content and the flow of my essays. Moreover, he provided valuable insight on what admissions officers may be looking for in a candidate... further helping me to determine what I should focus on in my writing.

Stan's warm and friendly personality, along with his capable coaching, made me feel confident that I was submitting the best application that I could put together.

And, by the way, I was admitted and matriculated to the Anderson School at UCLA, a top ranked MBA program.

Tiffany Chu, California Applicant

Mr. Lemons' help enabled me to navigate my way through the labyrinth of the college admissions process. His book provided me with the facts and information necessary to understand what was going on. His personal guidance helped me organize my thoughts and goals to write effective essays, structure my time to meet deadlines, and find the colleges that were my best options. He also gave me advice on interviewing. Overall, he has been supportive and encouraging throughout my college search process.

 Peter Kotara, Student

Mr. Lemons was by far one of the most considerate and dedicated tutors that I had throughout my time in high school. When it came time to start writing my essays for college, I knew exactly who to reach out to; Mr. Lemons was able to provide me with the organization and help I needed. I know for a fact that my writing has only progressed with his help, and without his support and guidance I don’t think my papers would have been as strong as they were. Mr. Lemons is hardworking, dedicated, and wants to see you succeed and share in your happiness. I for sure recommend Mr. Lemons for help with not only your college essays, but also for any other writing assignment. His help over the years has enabled me to truly grow as a writer!

Zoë Purdy Alumna, Greenhill School Member, Jack and Jill of America, Inc. Dallas, Texas

Stan Lemons and his company, The Secret to Writing, played an integral role in our successful college journey. As a busy working mom trying to balance both work and family in a pandemic, and staying on top of deadlines for college applications on behalf of our daughter, I needed a trusted resource to help us with the college application process. Stan provided that “missing piece” for our family. He was able to organize timelines for college essays and worked diligently with our daughter to help her craft essays that were reflective of both her strengths and achievements while in high school. Stan challenged her to dig deep and to think critically about the questions asked of her and from those numerous re-writes blossomed wonderful individual essays that truly captured who she is as a person and resulted in multiple college acceptances on her behalf. I would highly recommend Stan to assist your family as you begin your college journey.

Monica McCoy Purdy, Dallas, Texas

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