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Do you need to create or update your résumé?

TheSecretToWriting.com provides fast and
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Level 1 $300/page Entry Level Résumé
Level 2 $450/page Professional Level Résumé
Level 3 $750/page Senior Management Level Résumé
Level 4 $1,000/page Executive Level Résumé


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$500, $750, $1,000

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“My name is John. I have been unemployed for more than one year now. During that time I went through bouts of depression. I felt like I wasn’t worthy of finding work again. Then my sister suggested that maybe it was my resume that was preventing me from getting call backs from the jobs to which I applied. So she referred me to thesecrettowriting.com.
I called TheSecretToWriting.com. I was appointed to an instructor who rewrote my resume to perfection. They worked with me and wrote a resume that really and truly fit my skills. They not only wrote a fantastic resume but they sent it back to me in a speedy fashion. Since then, I’ve been getting call backs from jobs all over the state of Georgia. Thanks The Secret to Writing. You really helped me.”

John E.
Georgia Client

"Based on an international resume, The Secret to Writing produced a high quality U.S. version in form and content that allows me to easily tweak and update it. Timely requests for reviews and contributions."

International Client

“Thank you so much for you help, as I said before, these resumes are exactly what I was hoping for!”

Hillary D.
Oregon Client

“Excellent work product and thanks for working under the tight deadline! My wife was also very impressed. We will likely be reaching out concerning her resume.”

Kris B.
Texas Client

“Bravo to Stan!- He truly is THE Man!! As an “Old Dog” who had been stuck in a profession that I had been unhappy with for many years, Mr. Lemons helped me discover all of the skills that I truly do possess.  And, he was able to put them in such eloquent, professional terms that I would have never in a million years been able to express myself. Thank you again Mr. Lemons from the bottom of my heart for giving me a new perspective/ “lease” on my professional path! God Bless!”

Tammi P.
Georgia Client

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