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College Admissions Essay Boot Camp

(Rising high school seniors)
Starts: June 29, 2021

Writing 101

(6th-12th grade)
Starts: February 2, 2021

College Writing 2.0

(Graduating High School Seniors and College Students)
Starts: June 17, 2021

Writing 101 Yes - - - Yes
Writers Boot Camp Yes - - Yes -
College Admissions Essay Boot Camp Yes - - - Yes
College Writing 2.0 Yes - - Yes Yes
Writing2020™ - Yes Yes Yes Yes
Writing2020™- Corporate Programs - Yes Yes Yes Yes
Write Your Book - Yes - Yes Yes


Writing 101

Upcoming Class: February 2, 2021

Audience: Students (6th-12th grade)

Modality: Online


Want to Make the Grade? Here’s a Writing Class That Will Show You How!

Writing 101: A review of writing fundamentals for students who want to raise their SAT/ACT score and make A’s in middle school, high school, or college.

Good writing informs, persuades, and inspires. It can make us laugh out loud, and it can challenge our hearts and minds. Good writing also takes training and practice to develop. That’s where we come in. Our Writing 101 class teaches you the essentials of effective writing. You’ll learn everything from formulating a thesis to writing clear sentences. Plus, we’ll explore the 10 secrets to writing. You'll return to school ready to tackle any writing project with ease.

Cost: $349. Early-bird registration rates may apply

Writers Boot Camp

Upcoming Class: TBA (Postponed due to Covid-19)

Audience: Students (6th-12th grade)

Modality: In-person


The Writers Boot Camp provides a fun and effective way to improve your writing skills and master the writing process.

TheSecretToWriting.com’s Writers Boot Camp is an intensive writing program, designed to develop fundamental writing skills and to increase the confidence level of students as writers.

During the Writers Boot Camp, students explore and apply TheSecretToWriting.com’s 10-step writing process. Students also work to communicate their ideas in the form of short essays, particularly writing in a way to ensure that each sentence in their written work is both grammatically correct and clearly stated.

With TheSecretToWriting.com’s Writers Boot Camp, students benefit by earning better grades in school and reducing the stress that often comes with having to write school papers. Moreover, students gain a mastery of the writing process, a valuable skill-set that stands to serve each student for a lifetime.

Cost: $399. Early-bird registration rates may apply

College Admissions Essay Boot Camp

Upcoming Class: June 29, 2021

Audience: Students (Rising high school seniors)

Modality: Online with one-to-one coaching


Need help writing your college admissions essays?

TheSecretToWriting.com has the answer: our College Admissions Essay Boot Camp. During this intensive, 6-week College Admissions Essay Boot Camp, students learn how to write winning college admissions essays. Students will select -- of their own choosing -- 3 admissions essay prompts and, in the course of the program, work to craft their individual, unique essays.

What’s the value of the College Admissions Essay Boot Camp? Participants benefit from the instruction of TheSecretToWriting.com staff. Parents gain peace of mind from knowing that their child is receiving personalized coaching while in the process of writing his or her college admissions essays.

Cost: $799. Early-bird registration rates may apply

College Writing 2.0

Audience: Graduating High School Seniors and College Students

Modality: In-person or online

Overview: New Class! Starting June 17, 2021

Success in college depends -- among many factors -- on your ability to communicate through writing. Humanities classes, as well as science classes, require you to write. If you are a math, business, or engineering major, it is also important to have strong writing skills. Why? College professors and future employers expect students to be able to communicate clearly and effectively in writing. Nervous? Concerned? Anxious? Don't be. We are here to help. Our College Writing 2.0 class will equip you with the skills that you'll need to meet and exceed the writing demands of your college professors. Plus, the Writing 2.0 class will prepare you for the writing tasks often required in the job market. Register today!

Cost: $349. Early-bird registration rates may apply


Writing2020™: Effective Business Communication

Upcoming Class: March 29, 2021

Audience: Adults (individuals and private/custom-designed corporate programs)

Modality: Online or in-person



A writing class designed to help adults communicate clearly and effectively through writing.

Did you know that it is possible to enhance your career or grow your business through more effective written communication? If you would like to stand out among your peers and learn how to create meaningful and persuasive documents, this class will give you the fundamental skills you need to succeed.

Cost: $349. Early-bird registration rates may apply

Write Your Book: Winning Strategies to Both Write and Sell Your Self-Published Book

Audience: Adults

Modality: Online or In-Person


New Class! Coming Spring 2021

Thinking about writing a book? Not sure how and where to start? Or perhaps, you already have a book, but you’re experiencing lackluster sales. What can you do? Turn to TheSecretToWriting.com.

Our “Write Your Book: Winning Strategies to Both Write and Sell Your Self-published Book” is the answer. Our class provides an insider’s look on ways to get your book project launched and your book sales soaring. This is not your typical “how to” course. Rather, our class places a strong emphasis on marketing and communications strategies involved with both writing and selling your book. A key goal of the class is to help you increase your brand awareness, expand your market share, and earn more money.