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About Langopoly®

Langopoly, Inc. is a Spanish Language Services company that specializes in Spanish instruction. How to speak it. How to understand it. And how to carry on a conversation. The Langopoly® company provides Spanish classes to kids, teens, adults, and corporations. Additionally, Langopoly® offers one-to-one tutoring services to help students learn Spanish in order to perform better in school. Langopoly® tutors are native and fluent Spanish speakers. The Langopoly® tutors love Spanish.

Langopoly® Tutoring Services

Who We Serve

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    Middle School Students

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    High School Students

  • The Secret to Writing

    College Students

What we do?

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    Assist students with homework assignments

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    Help students prepare for quizzes and tests

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    Support students with Spanish language projects


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    Improved grades in school

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    Increased comfort with speaking Spanish

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    Higher level of self-confidence

Where We Meet

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    Online Video Conference

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  • I


  • II
    Virtual (Telephone, Email, Video Conference)

    $75/hour or save money and buy a tutoring package

  • III
    Tutoring Packages

    5-hour package $300
    ($60 x 5 hours  = $300) See the Terms & Conditions below.

    10-hour package $550
    ($55 x 10 hours = $550) See the Terms & Conditions below.

Tutoring Services Terms & Conditions

Term A) You purchase a tutoring package during: July 1st – December 31st
Term B) You purchase a tutoring package during: January 1st – June 30th

Any unused hours may be carried over into the next term. Hours will be canceled (with no refund) if not used during the next term.

Example: if you buy a 10-hour tutoring package in September (Term A) and only use 4 hours, then you can use the remaining 6 hours during Term B. However, if you do not use the hours during Term B, then you forfeit the service hours and you will not receive a refund.

A 48-hour (two-day) notice or lead-time is required for a tutoring session. If the request for a tutoring session is less than 48 hours from the desired time of the tutoring, the service may not be available and a surcharge of $30 per hour (on top of the normal tutoring fee) may apply.

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Let’s Get Started

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    Complete the contact us form

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    We will contact you within 24 - 48 hours to review your request and confirm the fee

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    Pay the agreed fee

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    We will commence the service