What are study skills and why are they important?

People have different ideas about the definition of study skills. Some people describe study skills as: how you structure your time, the approach you take when reading a book, or the way in which you take notes. Other people describe study skills by stating what may sound like a big picture idea: to improve your performance in academic subjects. What’s the good news? All these responses are correct.

At TheSecretToWriting.com, we think of study skills in terms of the following seven components:

  • Goal Setting
  • Organization Skills
  • Time Management
  • Note-taking
  • Communicating with Teachers
  • Preparing for Quizzes, Tests, and Papers
  • Winning Habits

Each component impacts one’s performance in the classroom, and ultimately a student’s overall academic success.

In our study skills programs, we explore the aforementioned seven components of study skills (and much more) by engaging students in an interactive and fun learning experience. We provide actionable and easily implementable tools and strategies to help students earn better grades, reduce academic stress, and increase their self-confidence.

So why are study skills important? Three reasons:

1. Study skills improve your performance in school

Having strong study skills is often the key to earning good grades in school, irrespective of a student’s unique talents in any particular subject.

2. Study skills are applicable to most subjects in school

Study skills are relevant to most, if not all, academic disciplines, such as math classes, history classes, science classes, art classes, etc.

3. Study skills are useful throughout life

The study skills that we cover in our classes and tutoring programs encompass learning tools that can be used throughout your life. If you are a middle school student, high school student, college student, or graduate student, you will find value in improving your study skills.

Learn more about our study skills classes and study skills coaching services.

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