It’s Much More Than a Book

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On Tuesday, March 7, 2023, I made an approximate 5-minute presentation to Houston’s mayor, Sylvester Turner, and the Houston City Council. My presentation was largely about my newly released book, The Secret to Writing: 10 Secrets to Effective Communication Through Writing; though, I also referenced my doctoral research and my professional work with The Secret…

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What are study skills and why are they important?

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People have different ideas about the definition of study skills. Some people describe study skills as: how you structure your time, the approach you take when reading a book, or the way in which you take notes. Other people describe study skills by stating what may sound like a big picture idea: to improve your…

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Writing College Admissions Essays

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Has your high school student started writing his or her college admissions essays? Here are three tips that your student should keep in mind when writing the essays. 1. Think College admissions essays create an opportunity for admissions officers to get to know your student. Students are able to tell their story. And given that…

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7 Reasons Why Writing Skills Are Important

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According to a Geiser and Studley (2001) study, writing is a core skill required in high school and college classes ranging from language arts to the sciences. A student’s ability to write and, in particular, to compose an extended text, is one of the best predictors of success in course work during the first year…

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